Saturday, July 17, 2010

Free To Be You and Me, The Slutsky Edition

Having two girls and two boys so close in age is true test of the gender boundaries.

I never know who will say or do what when it comes to male or female stereotypes. While most girls play with dolls and most boys play with action figures or vehicles, my four are all over the toy store map. It is not uncommon for Natalie to be destroying a lego tower or for CJ to be pushing a doll stroller.

I have never set limitations and my fly by the seat of my pants parenting is partially influenced by Marlo Thomas and Free to Be You and Me.

I grew up with these lessons on gender roles. There has never been a real gender bias in my generation. Yes, I am that old.

My children have a female pediatrician and our postal carrier is a woman. I have made a conscious effort to call her a postal carrier rather than a mailman. Likewise, we say firefighters and police officers instead of policeman or fireman.

Eli's favorite color is pink. He is a gender bender when it comes to fashion. He owns more pink and purple shirts than any other color. Yes, I am the one that buys them, but for the most part he helps pick them out and he gets himself dressed most days- given a choice he always selects the pink shirts. I do not have a problem with him wearing pink- colors are sexless, right?

So I guess with all my teaching and preaching about gender equality, I should not be shocked that CJ and Eli want to wear nightgowns. Their sisters sometimes get to wear a gown instead of pajamas,

so clearly, in the minds of two, four year old boys, they too should get to wear a nightgown. What is the big deal? I draw the line at dresses and skirts in public, so gowns at home are fine for now.

We are just free to be you and me over here.

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Charlie said...

How funny! That has definitely put a smile on my face!

Those photos will be priceless when they're older and you can show them to friends and new girlfriends... Ha ha!

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